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What Makes Our Peristaltic Pump One the Best?

The best peristaltic pumps are designed with the single purpose of keeping the most important part of the pump operational for as long as possible, that part being the hose.  The life of a hose is determined by a finite number of compressions which in turn is determined by build quality, material and operating variables such as speed, pressure, heat and abrasion. 

With that in mind we’ve extended hose life in the following ways:

Compression Type

Unlike a lot of the mainstream hose pumps out there the L-series utilises a roller design to reduce wear and tear on the hose instead of a conventional static shoe.  This results in lower amounts of friction on the hose which translates into a lower power requirements and in most cases a lower amount of lubricant being required which contributes to overall lower life costs.

Pump Size

Most peristaltic pumps on the market typically fit hoses with a bore size from 10 mm to 100 mm (we top out at 150 mm).  Where we differ is our pump body is bigger which means that the length of hose getting compressed (stroke length) is longer which in turn means the amount of product displaced is greater.  So our pump can either run slower to achieve the same flow rate (less compressions = longer hose life = lower life costs) as our competition or the same pump speed to deliver a greater flow rate.

Other highlights of the L-series:

Fabricated in the United Kingdom
Our pumps are not mass produced overseas but built here in the UK.  Most of our competitors pumps are moulded cast iron which undoubtedly makes their initial cost lower but also limits what they are willing to do with the base pump design. Below are some examples/advantages of just how flexible we can be.

1. Body material available in black powder coat paint finish as standard, or bare 304/316 stainless steel, up to the L80 (3”) . The larger L100 (4”) & L150 (6”) are available in Galvanised finish as standard with the optional 304 or 316 stainless steel on request!

2. Mix & match materials & bespoke manufacturing available. If you require carbon steel pump bodies, but with 304 or 316 stainless steel support frame & legs, this is available upon request!

3. Long life, high quality Natural, EPDM, Nitrile, Hypalon (CSPE) rubber hoses available, with the option of hygienic/white lined ‘FDA approved’ hoses in natural rubber or nitrile rubber for the food processing/pharmaceutical industry.

4. Industrial & Sanitary connections available. Such as BSP, NPT, flanged (PN16/ANSI 150lb), Victaulic, Tri-Clamp, IDF, RJT etc. Available in a variety of materials – 316 SS, Hastelloy-B/C, Alloy-20, Inconel-625.

5. Very low running speeds, minimal wear & shear action put into the pumped product. Ideal for shear sensitive or abrasive products. Ideal in food & fish processing, confectionery, oil, flocculent & mining!

6. Can handle high density & high viscosity products in excess of 50,000 cPs.

7. No check valves, capable of handling soft & hard solid particles, no clogging or sticking!

8. Can be operated in both directions – clockwise or counter clockwise, to ensure clearance of product from the pump hose.

9. Dry run & clean in place capabilities, without causing damage to the pump or hose!

10. Ease of maintenance, reduced down time & servicing costs. Very simple design with hinged door(L40 upwards), no heavy lifting equipment required. Pump hose can be changed internally, while the pump remains in-line. Therefore, no need to remove pump from your process.

11. Suction lift capabilities up to 9 metres (27 feet) on water.

12. Stainless steel motor/gearbox wash down shrouds available upon request.

13. Fully wrapped heating/cooling jackets available – Ideal for the confectionery industry.

14. Trolley assemblies, for easy of movement & portability on site.

15. Electrically or pneumatically driven drive options available.

16. Can be supplied with integral mounted speed control inverter units for variable speed capabilities

17. Pulsation dampeners & Suction stabilisers available on request.

18. Pumps manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 standards, nothing but the highest quality materials & manufacturing process used!


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