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Peristaltic Pumps for Chemical Applications

The L-Series peristaltic pumps are happy pumping a wide variety of chemicals all day long. This includes sticky highly viscous products that need transferring to sheer sensitive products that need to be handled delicately and everything in-between.

Peristaltic Pump Advantages:

peristaltic-pump-tick-smallWear as a result of abrasion from hard solids or chemical attack is mitigated as a result of everything being self-contained within the hose element which is an issue with most pump types especially where rotating elements come directly into contact with the product.

peristaltic-pump-tick-smallFlow rate drop off as a result of fluctuating viscosity levels is a minor concern compared to other pump technologies such as AODD pumps (Air Operated Diagram) or centrifugals as capacity and efficiency will remain constant.

peristaltic-pump-tick-smallSuction lift of around 9 metres.

peristaltic-pump-tick-smallCan run dry.

peristaltic-pump-tick-smallComparatively much lower maintenance compared to other pumps types (just a change of hose and lubricant)





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