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Enviroflex™ Peristaltic Hose and Pumps

The Enviroflex™ range of peristaltic pumps by Enviroflex Limited are manufactured in the UK and designed from the ground up to be energy efficient and low maintenance so the net results are lower life costs and happy customers. If you have an application requiring flow rates ranging between 210 to 147000 litres per hour and hard solids handling capabilities up to 22mm, viscosities north of 50000 cPS we can help! To learn more about our pumps check out our Peristaltic Pumps and Hose section.

The Enviroflex™ ranges of peristaltic hose are high quality competitively price products built to our tried and tested specification and perfected over a decade. We can supply hose and lubricant for most makes of peristaltic pumps in natural, natural food grade, nitrile, nitrile food grade, EPDM and CSPE rubber.

To get a better idea of just how extensive our hose ranges are take a look in at the Alternative Peristaltic Hose section with *big names like Watson Marlow Bredel , Verder, Abaque, Albin, Mouvex and Boyser to name but a few.  Whether your are a large OEM looking for a new supplier or a small end user after a one off bespoke peristaltic hose, we will work with you towards a competitive reliable solution.

*It should be noted in regard of the aforementioned “big names” Enviroflex Limited is not an authorised distributor of parts or services or products, are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by these companies and peristaltic parts supplied by Enviroflex Limited will be to our own proven design.

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