Peristaltic Pumps for Mining


Peristaltic Pump Advantages

Peristaltic pumps are ideal for industrial / mining sludge and slurries due to their simple design, superior solid handling, suction lift and run dry capabilities. Industrial slurries have claimed the life of many a poorly selected pump, the combination of pumping product that is highly abrasive, typically contains solids north of 70% by weight and specific gravities (SG) far greater than that of water can result in frequent and expensive maintenance overheads or worse still replacing the pump altogether.

Mining or shaft drilling transfer applications commonly want to move as much slurry as possible in the shortest amount of time which means utilising our 4” and 6” pumps, the L100 and L150. With hard solids clearance of up to ~22mm and soft solids clearance of ~ 120mm, peristaltic pumps have the added benefit of drastically reducing water wastage on transfer duties as suspension levels can be lower.

Our pumps are designed to handle viscous and abrasive fluids with ease and precision, making them ideal for use in mining operations. The operation of peristaltic pumps is based on the compression of a flexible hose or tubing, which contains the fluid, by a rotating roller. This compression creates a pressure differential that moves the fluid through the hose, with the hose acting as both the pump’s flow path and the only wetted part.

One major benefit of peristaltic pumps in the mining industry is their ability to handle challenging fluids with minimal maintenance required. The flexible hose used in these pumps is resistant to abrasive wear and chemical degradation, and is easily replaceable, making maintenance and cleaning simple. This results in reduced downtime and cost savings for mining operations.

Another benefit is the accuracy and reliability of peristaltic pumps. These pumps are capable of delivering precise and consistent fluid transfer and dosing, which is essential in many mining operations. They also provide constant flow, even with changing system conditions, ensuring that the proper amount of chemicals and other substances are added to the mining process at all times.

Examples of applications in the mining industry where peristaltic pumps can be used include the transfer of reagents in mineral processing, the dosing of chemicals in flotation processes, and the transfer of slurry in tailings management. The use of peristaltic pumps in these applications results in improved process control, increased efficiency, and reduced costs in the mining industry. Peristaltic pumps are also commonly used for fluid transfer in the drilling and blasting process and for the transfer of process water in mining operations. These pumps offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for handling challenging fluids in the mining industry.

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