Other Alternative Hose

Other Alternative Compatible Peristaltic Hose

If you’ve arrived here and can’t find an alternative compatible peristaltic hose for your pump from our listed main menu options or the below information don’t worry we can probably still be of help.

Simply provide us with the key peristaltic hose dimensions (ID, OD, & length) or a sample and we can then make the hose to these dimensions and to our standards. This means you’ll have peace of mind that the hose will fit and perform without issue.

Other Alternative Compatible Peristaltic Hose

Below is a list of some more peristaltic pumps we can make compatible hose for (as well as supply special formulated lubricant depending on if you have a pump that utilises either a roller or shoe to compress the hose) .

Needless to say Enviroflex Limited is not an authorised distributor of parts or services or products of the aforementioned companies and are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by these companies and peristaltic parts supplied by Enviroflex Limited will be to our own proven design. All registered trademarks remain property of their respective owners.

For Elro Crane Peristaltic Pumps
The models we’ve built compatible peristaltic hose for include the IP100, IP200, IP300, IP400, IP500, IP600 and IP800. Important to note is that we don’t build in the vacuum hole into the hose wall as seen in the original hose. Unless you use the vacuum kit which helps with high suction lifts and/or where viscous products are involved it’s not required anyway.

For PCM Delasco Peristaltic Pumps
Pump sizes we’ve built alternative peristaltic hose for are the DSC 25, DSC 35, DSC 45, DSC 65 and DSC 80 but also some of the old discontinued pumps like the DL 45 and DL 55.

For Ragazzini Peristaltic Pumps
Alternative hose options include those for the PSF1, PSF2 and PSF3 series of pumps, the MS1, MS2, MS3 and SDF series.

For Wanner Vector Peristaltic Pumps
Compatible hose for the Vector 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 3005.

For Weir Minerals Peristaltic Pumps
The models we’ve built compatible peristaltic hose for include the RPP (Rosewater Peristaltic Pumps) 40, RPP 50, RPP 65, RPP 80 and RPP 100.

For King Cobra Peristaltic Pumps
Alternative hose options offered are for the KC10A, KC20A, KC25A, KC40A, KCX40A, KC65A, KCX80A, KC80A and KC100A.

For Axflow Peristaltic Pumps
Alternative hose for the realAX range of pumps (you know the nice pink ones) include the RP25, RP32, RP40, RP60, RP70, RP80 and RP100 but also the IP range including the IP30, IP40, IP50, IP60, IP70 and IP70D.