Peristaltic Pumps for Chemical Applications


Peristaltic Pump Advantages

Peristaltic hose pumps are utilized in the chemical industry for their ability to handle viscous and abrasive fluids, as well as for their capability to provide precise and consistent flow. These pumps are ideal for the transfer, dosing, and metering of chemical fluids, which are often corrosive and can damage traditional pumps.

The pump’s operation is based on compressing a flexible hose or tubing, which contains the fluid, by a rotating roller. This compression creates a pressure differential that moves the fluid through the hose. The hose acts as both the pump’s flow path and the only wetted part, making it resistant to chemical degradation.

The hose is easily replaceable, making maintenance and cleaning simple. Examples of chemical applications of peristaltic hose pumps include the dosing of acids and caustics in water treatment plants, the transfer of resins and adhesives in manufacturing processes, and the metering of speciality chemicals in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The pumps can also be utilized for fluid transfer in chemical storage and transportation, as well as for chemical dosing in laboratory settings. The chemical industry benefits from the use of peristaltic hose pumps for their reliability, accuracy, and ability to handle challenging fluids.

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