Centrifugal Pumps

Enviroflex Centrifugal pumps can deliver between 60 LPM (1″ EFO 50, BEP @ 9M head) and 600 LPM (2.5″ EFO-400 BEP@13.7M head).  Please enquire for more details (which will be added soon ®).

PDF Downloads

EFO 50 0.37kW

EFO-50 Centrifugal Pump

EFO 120 0.9kW

EFO 150 1.1kW

EFO 200 1.5kW

EFO-200 Centrifugal Pump

EFO 300 2.2kW

EFO-300 Centrifugal Pump

EFO 400 3kW

EFO-400 Centrifugal Pump