Peristaltic Hose

Peristaltic Hose Material Options

If you’ve arrived here and can’t find an alternative compatible peristaltic hose for your pump from our listed main menu options or the below information don’t worry we can probably still be of help.

Simply provide us with the key peristaltic hose dimensions (ID, OD, & length) or a sample and we can then make the hose to these dimensions and to our standards. This means you’ll have peace of mind that the hose will fit and perform without issue.

We can build hose to a wide range of sizes, the more common hose internal diameters (ID) are listed below (mm).

○ 10,13,15,16,20,25,30,32,35,40,45,55,50,60,65,70,80,100,125,150.

Maximum length for ground hose is determined by ID as grinding smaller hose whilst trying to retain build tolerances becomes more difficult the longer the hose.

What we do

If you’re a pump manufacturer then we will of course supply hose built to your specification where possible.

If you’re a new pump manufacturer in need of developing hose options for your range or a re-seller with a custom hose requirement then we will construct the hose to meet your critical dimensions but to our specific build standard.  This ensures you will get hose that both fits and lasts.

What We Don’t Do

We like to think we’re a fairly forward thinking company, after all there’s not a lot of manufacturers that make their own pump as well as selling alternative hose for other makes of peristaltic pumps.  That said what we won’t do is divulge the secret sauce that goes into every hose for obvious reasons, we will of course pass on the working, operating and basic construction properties of the hose which in 99.9% of cases is all that is required.

Go On Take a Punt!

Or for our potential international customers “take a chance”.

A situation we often hear about is from customers who don’t feel they’re getting a fair price from their current hose supplier but are worried about or have had bad experiences with cheap alternative hose.  The money saved is in most cases just not worth the time and hassle wasted taking the pump out of commission only to then find the hose doesn’t fit or because it failed prematurely.  If you can identify with the above example the reality is this:

We’ve been selling alternative hose and lubricant for many years to customers that demand the same life or better and a hassle free fitting experience.  Whilst some fitters won’t mind changing the shims on their pump or even cutting hose down to length in order to get a proper fit our view is if the hose has been built to order you shouldn’t have to do either.