Pump Spares

Our Enviroflex L Series Pump Spares & Hoses


For L-Series peristaltic hose and spares you can either use the navigation above to locate the correct pump size within the spares section or click a short cut below.

All of our hose are currently precision ground but we can offer a wrapped finish if required on any of our six material options, which are; natural rubber (NR), natural food grade rubber(NRFG), nitrile rubber (NBR), nitrile food grade rubber (NBRFG), and CSPE rubber. (Which you might know as Hypalon™ by a subsidiary of Dupont.)

If you’ve got a bit lost and are in fact looking for hose for someone else’s peristaltic pump you need to look in our Alternative Peristaltic Hose section.  More specifically if you are a pump manufacturer and want to take advantage of our expertise we are happy to make hose for your peristaltic pump.