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About Enviroflex

Enviroflex™ is a registered trademark of Environmental Pumping Solutions (EPS) Ltd, a small UK peristaltic pump manufacturer located in Derby that’s been going for over 16 years.   What sets us apart from most other hose pump manufacturers  (ignoring our pump advantages) is our willingness to make hose for all makes of peristaltic pump to our tried and tested specification.

Read more about our capability to make hose for your (customers) peristaltic pump.

We’ve sat on the Enviroflex™ trademark (the proper name of our L-series pumps and spares) for many years without really promoting it so we’ve decided to do something about that by giving it a dedicated website.  As well as being a bit catchy it’s also a lot quicker to say and type, most appreciated by some workshop staff who just like to hit things with a hammer.

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